Go from your country and your kindred and father’s house to the land that I will show you .”(Gen.12:1)
The feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel 1958, marked a new epoch in the history of the CMC. It was on this memorable day that the zealous CMC missionaries of Ernakulam Archdiocese ventured out into North. The first call for mission work came from Msgr. Alban Swabrick O.F.M Cap., the first prefect Apostolic of Jalandhar, who invited us to Jalandhar. Mother Agnes, then the Mother General of Ernakulam boldly accepted the call and took up the challenge. A convent was erected at Jalandhar under the name St.Joseph„s convent. This was the first house of the CMC sisters to be founded outside Kerala and it was hailed as landmark in the Congregation„s development outside the home state.
Disregarding the rigorous climate, problem of language, culture etc. the pioneer missionaries sowed a seed, which sprouted in time, spreading its branches to different parts of India. More and more missionaries willingly came forward to serve in areas where the message of Christ and his love had not reached. As members increased the zealous missionaries were goaded to wider apostolic activities. Slowly convents were founded in other parts of Punjab like Ferozpur (1967), Hoshiarpur (1972). The burning love for Christ inspired the missionaries to extended their presences and service to other diocese like Bijnor, Rajkot, J&K, Meerut and Shimla Chandigarh,Delhi and they responded to the call for the direct evangelization of India. Schools, hospitals, and dispensaries, boardings, Home for the mentally and physically challenged, special schools for differently abled children and tailoring centers are run by the sisters. With great zeal and enthusiasm Faith Formation Proclamation of the Word of God is done in an organized way. As
years passed by the sisters began to undertake developmental activities in the villages and various schemes directly involving women for their uplift and empowerment. Special attention is paid for literacy programme and general health hygiene. All these have changed the face of villages economically, culturally, socially and spiritually.
In view of the rapid progress made in the missions the “Pushparam Mission Region” was formed in 1982 and Mother Sinoby was the Regional Superior . It was given the status of province on 16th July 1986. Since then Pushparam Province grew under the committed leadership of Mother Ricci, Mother Laetus, Mother Alfred, late Mother Rose Jose, Mother Agnes Mathew, Mother Sophy and their respective Councils. Presently Pushparam is headed by Sr. Vandana and her team.
Now Pushparam Province has 33 convents (Jalandhar Diocese- 10, Bijnor-4, J&K-4, Meerut-5, Shimla Chandigarh-3, Rajkot-3, Ernakulam-1, Thalassery -1, Delhi-2), and 224 members.
Praise the Lord for making Pushparam missionaries for spreading the kingdom of God in India, Africa and Iraq. Fufilling the Commandment of the Lord „Go into the entire world and proclaim the Good News to the whole creation? .(Mk:16:15 ) ,the missionaries of Pushparam are zealously engaged in various apostolates; Faith Formation, Proclamation, Education, Social Service, Healing Ministry, Mass Media,etc.