Apostolate an overview

Mainstream of our apostolate is education in English and vernacular medium schools where majority of our Sisters are engaged in. 25% Seats in our schools are set apart for children of low strata.

Sisters are also actively involved in the apostolate of HEALING MINISTRY spending themselves with various care taking activities.

Sisters are involved in EVANGELIZATION AND FAITH FORMATION availing themselves for the spiritual betterment of the people.

From past 29 years one of our sisters is a full timer in the Diocesan Catechetical team.

Dynamic involvement and leadership of our sisters in the ministry of SOCIAL ACTION with special thrust on the social development and self employment of women and children is prodigious.

Significant realms of social action are :

  • Adult education and Vocational training for women

  • Income generating programmes like animal husbandry, petty shops, poultry farming, mushroom cultivation etc.

With a special concern for the physically, mentally and emotionally challenged children we have regular classes for them annex to the English medium. Besides the regular school we also have a Home for the Special children. Another domain of our apostolate is boarding for children from financially low status.

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